Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Thoughts & Prayers are with Those Affected by the Events in Japan

We're deeply saddened by the recent events in Japan. The devastation to a first world country is truly shocking and humbling. The nuclear instability is an issue we pray is resolved favorably. Some experts are fearing this may become a "chain reaction" if the worst case scenario were to occur. There have been reports of foreign companies, e.g. USA, pulling out all of their people because of this perceived threat as early as the day after the quake. Those affected are in our thoughts and prayers.

I also hope that the world would make it possible to conduct a mass evacuation if needed, and that there would be enough lead time. Please give if you haven't.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Music: Lil Wayne Releases "Green and Yellow" response to "Black and Yellow"

Lil Wayne - Green And Yellow by uristocrat

Lil Wayne released a battle rap countering the Steelers' "Black and Yellow" (below) with a Pro Packers "Green and Yellow" (above).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Four Ways to Improve Your Resume & Land a Better Job for 2010!

It's resolution time once again.  With the economy improving and rampant underemployment I think it's a great resolution rewrite your resume for the new year.

1) Embrace technology to stand out. Try out the latest rich media eResume formats like Visual CV. They are easy to share over email and provide a great “wow” factor.

2) Be Search Friendly. Potential employers will likely conduct basic google searches on you to find out more information. Make sure the search results tell a good story or no story at all.

3) Keep your Resume up to date. There are new tools like that links your Resume to your Social Network to keep it up to date seamlessly.

4) Professional Resume Writers can be a good investment. If your resume doesn’t “wow” consider hiring a professional resume writer, with experience in your field, to give you a competitive edge. is the largest resume writing service provider with professional resume writers in every major job field.

As a side note all of the above companies are "Proudly Made in DC!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ninja Tickets Status Update

Ninja Tickets was attacked and our programmers are recommending that we do not go live until we fix certain speed issues that make Ninja Tickets vulnerable to attack.  So for now I have to focus on other projects to make money to support the goal of Ninja Tickets. 

I still believe in the goal of Ninja Tickets and as a sports fan I am missing the service since I often used it myself.   The core vision of Ninja Tickets hasn't been executed yet -- even with the emergence of Venture Backed companies that were a facsimile of our business plan.  Hopefully with some new capital and sweat equity we can get this project rolling again and get the best price tickets to fans, period. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Droid X vs Iphone 4 Camera Comparison

Here's a simple comparison of the two hottest phones (8/8/2010): droid x camera (left) versus iphone 4 camera (right). Zoomed to view the same frame.

The pictures were taken during similar times, with the iphone 4 taken slightly later (as you can see from the sunset coloring) from a similar vantage. Highest quality settings on each aside from "widescreen 6mp" mode on the Droid X.

Here is the full droid X 6mp 16x9 view (not sure if blogger compressed it at all)

And on the Iphone 4 camera