Thursday, April 2, 2009

Re Cutler: NFL Offseason Overshadowing Final Four

Bus Cook has orchestrated yet another off season circus. Getting his clients more media attention in the off season of the NFL than perhaps the MLB entering into opening weekend and the final four. Let's break down how this happened:

1. (RUMOR) Josh McDaniels didn't want Cutler because he has diabeties and he drinks.

2. Everyone wanted Cutler because he was young and showed promise.

3. Snyder plus a lot of teams that actually had a QB need, wanted a potential franchise QB.

4. Denver knows how to work other teams trading high profile players.

5. Cook is a jump-ship media "whore".

First off the fact that the NFL offseason could overshadow the MLB AND the Final Four is quite amazing. It took every one of the above list to make it happen.

The Outcome:

The Bears needed a QB, perhaps more than anyone in the league. They have a defense and a solid basis for a team. This move makes sense, I would expect them to make a playoff run

Their ticket prices will also increase, look for a price north of today's $229 average in the future.

The Redskins have dodge a bullet. Campbell has had an opportunity to exude his quiet leadership and I believe it will be a break out year for him. (Check out this Washington Times article.)

The Bucs and Lions were either unable or unwilling to follow the Bears into their Snyder-like-offer for Cutler.