Sunday, March 25, 2007 Announces Advertising Campaign on

As a long time Range Rover owner, I can tell you these trucks invoke strong emotions from their owners, both positive and negative. Truly the servicing of these trucks is one of the biggest downsides of ownership. Not only do they require a lot of service but they also command very high prices for it. If I didn't run across several years back, I doubt I would still own a range rover today. The site has an incredible amount of information from common fixes to offroad upgrades and everything in between (perhaps most notably offroad emergency fixes). is proud to announce an advertising partnership with

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Changes to giveaway rules.

Entering "I love" in your public myspace profile will double count as two entries into the contest. Joining the PS3 giveaway group ( is worth one entry. Joining the group and having the phrase in your profile is worth five entries.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yesterday after the championships and before the NCAA tournament, it hit me how much I miss watching football. Here are some videos from the web that have helped me through this difficult time...

Jason Campbell's "Bright Future" by Torresa; I'm tired of hearing how good Cutler is, lets be honest Campbell had a better season last year.

"Urban ninja," what can I say, amazing video.

Just a great feel good movie.

Great video that I don't think I can directly link to. Explicit lyrics.
search on Redskins "Remember The Name"

"A Ninja Pays Half my Rent," great video, we're going to try to get the director to do some of our commercials.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Way to Enter the PS3 Giveaway. Redskins Free Agency Moves

As per request of Dylan (he spits hot fire mon), we will now add a new way to enter our PS3 giveaway. In addition to having "I love" in your myspace profile myspace users can now join to enter the PS3 drawing! If you have "I love" on your profile it is worth two drawing entries, if you join it is worth one drawing entry, if you do both it is worth 5 entries.

The Redskins will not win this years offseason. Instead of bringing in big name athletes they have chosen to try to keep many core Redskins (with the notable exception of Dockery) while boosting depth at weak positions. The Redskins have (re)signed Smoot and Fletcher. Keep an eye out for another CB trade involving Shawn Springs (perhaps Bly for Springs), as well as moves to bolster the pass blocking of the O-line and the pass rush/run stopping of the D-line. However, if the 'Skins trade away Portis or Betts, they may well win this years offseason too. In my opinion this would be a grave mistake as much of the identity of the team lies on the shoulder (pads) of these men.In a related rumour, it seems that the Redskins may pick the best athlete for their sixth overall draft pick and try to trade him for other picks or players. Grumblings have been heard that the Redskins will not go after a DE, but instead will turn to a QB (Quinn) in hopes of trading him away. As well, many are hoping that the 'Skins will trade down for more picks, we will see what happens on April 28.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What is

Part 2 of our website reviews focuses on

This was made by Quiktix, LLC. CTO, Dan Marsh for his own personal use, but he has been kind enough to open it up for a limited public release.

What is is a place to store your school files as you move around. Maybe you started working on something at the computer lab, and you want to take the file home. Just log in and store the file.

I just email myself an attachment. How is any better? was designed for one thing: exceptionally quick and easy access to your recent school files. You can keep your files organized by class, and your current files are visible as soon as you log in.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's free. Additionally, there are no adware, downloads, spyware, or annoying pop-ups to slow down your productivity.

Is my privacy proteceted?

Absolutely, names and data are not sold.

Check out this site at: