Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean Taylor Assassinated

I guess the title may be harsh, but it is time to call a spade a spade. When someone breaks in and leaves a "dagger on the bed" its not a robbery, that is a threat. Then later that week when an intruder goes right into the bedroom and shoots someone in the groin and apparently takes nothing, that is also not a robbery that's a premeditated murder; when a star NFL player gets killed in this fashion its an assassination. This was a deliberate and premeditated murder. While its easy to get mad, I think its better to just remember the person Sean Taylor was. Rest in Peace Sean, you were a true Redskin and much more. You proved that a man can change his life for the better and for that you should be remembered.

EDIT 12/19/07: Apparently the Taylor family has stated that they believe the attack was not an assignation but a robbery. That the knife left on the bed was a kitchen knife used to pry things open, that the phones were just not working, and that the first police report did not indicate stolen goods because Sean wasn't around to identify the stolen goods. Whatever the case may be, I hope the Taylor family can eventually forgive the men responsible and that people remember Sean by the positive direction he steered his life in.

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