Sunday, February 18, 2007 release party announced. What is The College Forecast? is hosting a release party this Summer on Maryland's Easton Shore (think Wedding Crashers). Invitations are expected to be mailed in the next 90 days. Activities will include boat rides, tennis, volleyball, live bands and DJ's, Real Eastern Shore food (think blue crabs), and full bar (think hypnotic, hey its got to match the crabs right?).

My friend Brian Whittaker is rocking this free college music site. Let me know what you guys think of it. Here's the address and a letter he wrote about it for the blog. If you would like your site on this blog, please let me know and I might put it up if its a good site.

Hey Cliff,

Here is some info I grabbed from the site you could use in ur blog, if you need more lemme know brotha thanks again.

The College Forecast is a free online community where college musicians can post their music for the world to hear. Unlike other online networks, The College Forecast is strictly about music.

College Musicians:

* Sign up for free
* Create a profile
* Upload your music for everyone to hear
* Create a network of fans
* Chat on The College Forecast Boards

Music Lovers:

* Sign up for free
* Create a profile
* Browse through our library of songs
* Become fans of artists and rate them
* Chat on The College Forecast Boards


Our goal is to promote the music and talent of college students around the world. If music is an interest of yours, you have come to the right place. What’s the story behind the college forecast, what’s it all about? The musical talent of an R.I.T. student inspired the creation of The College Forecast. The creator believed his roommate had the potential to produce songs catchy enough to be heard on the radio. Unfortunately, he had no connections in the music business that could share his roommate’s talent with the world. And with that The College Forecast was born.

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