Saturday, June 23, 2007

Casey Bramlet is the World Bowl MVP but will he be the Redskins Number 2 QB?

Casey Bramlet has been tearing up NFL Europa the whole season, which he capped off by bringing Hamburg a World Bowl victory. "Bramlet completed 20 of 27 passes for 347 yards and a record four touchdowns. He compiled a passer rating of 155.5," (AP). With numbers like these, one wonders what is the next step for Casey Bramlet. Withthe Redskins currently overloaded at the QB position, with Jason Campbell, Mark Brunell, Todd Collins, Sam Hollenbach, and Jordan Palmer, one also wonders where Bramlet fits into the Redskins organization.

While the Redskins may entertain trade talks, look for Bramlet to attend Training Camp, and fight for the backup QB spot, against its current holder Mark Brunell. Unless Mark Brunell gets hurt (or is that stays hurt), the QB Roster will most likely be, Jason, Mark, and Casey. If Brunell does not recover from shoulder surgery this offseason we may see Jason, Collins, and Bramlet. As for my opinion, I doubt Casey Bramlet will start at the number two position, not for lack of talent, but because he has little experience in Al Saunders/Joe Gibbs offense.

Regardless, Bramlet has suddenly made preseason interesting.

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