Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Economy and Event Tickets

With uncertainty in this new economy we are seeing a shift in event ticketing. At one time it seemed certain event tickets had virtually no ceiling, and box offices acted accordingly, raising the price of first sale tickets almost to the limits of the secondary market, we're now seeing these prices come back to earth. I hate to sound like a ticket salesman, but there hasn't really been a better time to buy tickets (unless you're talking about Giants tickets at the new stadium and their exorbitant PSLs). So what we will see is a stratification of event tickets: the best tickets will come down to earth for all but playoff and rivalry games, average tickets and upper deck seating will be hard to sell and the prices will drop. Upper deck seating will be easy to get, look for prices under face value additionally premier sporting franchises will have trouble filling season ticket orders for upper deck seating, if you want to get off of the waiting list, it might just be a phone call away.

Where does comparison shopping come into the mix, great seats, while cheaper, will still be a bit hard to obtain. Utilizing aggregation you'll be able to find better tickets at better prices.

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