Sunday, February 10, 2008

Recent Questions About

People call and ask me questions from time to time about NinjaTickets. Here are some of the more useful questions I've been asked. (I'll move these over to our FAQ soon).

  • How does make money?
When I first heard this question I was a bit taken back. I realized though the reason behind the question, which was:
  • Does charge any premium over buying tickets from the store directly?
The answer to this question is no. We do not levy any service fees and our partner stores do not levy any additional chargers by purchasing through Tickets are the same price in our database as they are at their respective internet ticket store. The stores we do index do charge fees, but these fees are the same as they would charge by going directly to their site; however, we do receive a small portion of the fees that the stores charge to any of their customers.

You can use coupons in conjunction when comparison shopping with
  • Why do you not index tickets for _____ event?
If an event is more than 8 weeks in the future we usually will not have an up to date ticket index for it. However, if you download our patent pending toolbar you can receive up to the minute results for all events on Ninja Tickets, even ones we haven't indexed yet.
  • Why isn't such and such listed in your directory?
We try to keep the directory up to date, but you can search for events that aren't in our directory, or check out the top 500 uncategorized artists here.

  • How can I list my tickets on
Well we have some pretty strict criteria in place to protect our buyers. We will not index multiple re-branded or co-branded affiliate sites (every store source must be unique) like some of our competitors do. We will not list sites that do not guarantee authenticity and on time arrival.

  • I can't find the tickets I found on on the _____ (partner) website, what's up? is the only site to offer real time search results for event tickets. This is so important for finding great values since these tickets get sold quick! If you need to find to the best tickets at the best prices download our Patent Pending Live Results Toolbar.

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