Friday, February 29, 2008

Sports Updates

Well we're really close to march madness and NFL free agency starts tonight. We've already seen some big deals and more to come with Asante Samuel and Randy Moss on the block. Todd Collins of the Washington Redskins also may draw interest from teams such as Miami, but JLC of the Washington Post believes the Redskins are making a play to keep Todd Collins, however if he is assured a starter position I think he will be off to play elsewhere. On the other hand if Randy Moss is offered a big deal, he may leave the Pats and Tom Brady.

In terms of March Madness, we're just sorting out who may make the tourney and who won't. I'm pulling for my Terps but I'm not sure they have the consistency to be contenders.

Sorry about the bad grammar, I'm a bit tired right now trying to stay on top of the Free Agency.

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